CVI, TVI, AHD Camera

HD-CCTV (High Definition-Closed Circuit Television) is CCTV’s answer to the IP cameras high definition image quality. This technology can transmit uncompressed high-definition video over point-to-point coaxial cables. The biggest benefit we saw at the advent of HD-CCTV was the fact that newer HD-CCTV cameras did not need cabling upgrades. The original coaxial cables from the CCTV era had enough unused data spectrums that they could be used for the new HD-CCTV cameras. This made it easy to install brand new cameras while not needing to overhaul your entire cabling system. When you consider how much time and money some have invested into their CCTV systems, this was a huge deal!

The race to produce HD-CCTV standards first gave us HD-SDI. It is an important development, but we are going to focus on HD-CVI, HD-TVI, and HD-AHD as these are the strongest technologies currently and going into the future.

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